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Medlem i Folkets Hus och Parker.
ARKIV Egna produktioner

Ronneby Folkteater. Gångbrogatan 1. 372 37 Ronneby. Postadress: Rådhusparken. 372 37 Ronneby. Mail:
OrgNr: 802451-3544. Bankgiro: 614-0669. EU VAT-nr: SE802451354401.  Swish: 123 170 90 13 
KOMPISKORTET gäller på Folkteatern. Boka biljetter på eller länets Turistbyråer.



Event - Conference - Concert - Theatre - Dance

Ronneby Theatre, centrally located 209 m from Ronneby Travel Center, 500 m from Ronneby Marketplace.
Resaturants, hotels and shopping within walking distance.

Main stage, 176 seats
125 seats in the auditorium, with free view,
51 seats in the gallery.
Stage width 6.20 m, depth 10 m.
Now also with CINEMA!!
HQ video on big screen with HiFi 5.1 sound system)

“Bakfickan”, serving refreshments and with a small stage.
Refreshments: Beer, wine, catering, roll with cheese, sandwiches, danish pastries or just a cake with your coffee.
Request quotation for catering or other refreshments.

The public entrance of the theatre has the address: Gångbrogatan 1, 372 37 Ronneby.

Rental charge for the main stage with refreshments in “Bakfickan”
Local associations: (can apply for a grant for the rental charge; maximum 2000:-) Evening (4 h) 5 000 SEK excl. VAT
excl. VAT


6 500 SEK
Companies/ authorities/organisations: Evening (4 h) 7 000 SEK excl. VAT
  Full day    12 000 SEK excl. VAT
Rental charge, “Bakfickan” only      
Local associations: (can apply for a grant for the rental charge; maximum 2000:-) Evening (4 h) 2 500 SEK incl. VAT
incl. VAT
  Full day 4 500 SEK
Companies/ authorities/organisations: Evening (4 h) 3 500 SEK excl. VAT
  Full day 5 5000 SEK excl. VAT
The price includes:

Ordinary stage lighting
HQ projector, HiFi 5.1 soundsystem, 4,60x2,70 bred filmduk, AppleTV
Steinway & Sons, Grand Pianio. Made in Germany 1918-1919.
Sound/lighting technician 3 hours.
Serving staff in “Bakfickan” (license to sell beer and wine)

Main Stage
Three wireless Sennheiser EW 100, microphones.
Hand microphones plugged into the theatre´s sound system (Shure 58)
Hearing loop.

Booking requests are to be sent to or by phone 0708 335 183.
The theatre is posted in NORTIC internet-based reservation system.

Cancellation must be made in writing, ex. via via mail.
Cancellations later than 4 weeks before arrival will be charged 75% of the booked amount.
If canceled later than 2 weeks before arrival, 100% of the booked amount will be charged.
In the event of cancellation of part of the order, the compensation shall refer to the canceled part.


Plan drawing:
Section drawing:


Sennheiser 100 series, wireless system.
Live Bio. HQ video on
4,60x2,70 screen with HiFi 5.1 sound system.



The Main Stage

Behringer X32, digital mixing desk
Three active Mackie SRM 450, 400w loudspeakers Left/center/right over the stage.

Two 18" 1400w subwoofer
Two stageboxes X16/4
Six Shure 58, handheld microphones with cord
One  Shure 57 handheld microphones with cord
Two Superlux WH5, retro microphones with cord
Två Sennheiser EW 100, wireless handheld microphones.
Six Music Stands with lightning
Two Hazers Stairville SH-150.
Hearing loop, installed 2011

Headset, wireless microphones
13 headsets, Sennheiser 100 series, wireless systems (for rent separately, they are not included in the rental cost for the Theatre)


At Ronneby Theatre there is a Luminair Lighting System, operated thru iPad-iPhone, installed.
A 24 chanels dmx-system. (six of the channels can be operated manually from the stage.)

Follow Spot
Strand Cantata 1200w, with four filter holders, (in the gallery).

Theatre Lighting LED
2 st Stairville MH-X50+ LED Spot Moving Head
4 st Eurolite LED TMH-7 Moving Head Wash.
4 st Stairville LED PAR 64 Alu black,

Theatre Lighting
App 30 Profiles/Fresnells/Par Cans 500-1200w.

Projection screen, 4.60 x 2.70 meters
Fixed projector, 4000 ANSI, contrast 40000:1
5.1 Sound System
Blue-ray/DVD Player
(HQ video and HiFi sound system certified for digital live shows FHP, live at cinema), (for rent separately, it is not included in the rental cost for the theatre!)
Hearing loop, installed 2011.

The auditorium is equipped with a hearing loop.


Mixing Coinsiole, Behringer Xenyx X2442 USB.
Ten mono channels, eight of which with compressors + two stereo channels, effect unit.
With USB-jack for recording purposes
Two active 130w speakers
One 15" 1400w subwoofer
One wireless Shure microphones
Shure 58, handheld microphones with cord-.

Stage Light: Four Par 30

The auditorium is equipped with a hearing loop.







Chef Tommy Karlsson


130 SEK
Grilled marinated chicken drumsticks, marinated pork fillet, roast beef, potato gratin, salad and of course vegetarian and gluten-free alternatives.
At least 30 people

Long open sandwich

110 SEK
Eggs, shrimp, mayonnaise, roast beef, remoulad, roasted onions, physalis, orange, gherkins, beetroot salad, meatballs, brie cheese and grapes.
Lost 15 people

Goulash soup

75 SEK
Our chef's absolutely fantastic goulash soup is served with a piece of bread and a dollop of sour cream.
At least 30 people

Onion soup

65 SEK
There are those who claim that our chef prepares the world's best onion soup. Served with toasted bread croutons and grated cheese. At least 30 pers






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